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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Record launch for Vaskas

On 3 August 1969, at the St Casimir church hall, Genovaitė launched her USA produced record. It was the first record launch for the Adelaide Lithuanian community and 120 people attended.  The table were beautiful laid with tablecloths on which was placed hot tea and coffee and cake.  On a long table to the side of the hall a table was used to display Genė’s programs from her concerts, over 100. If one was to place programs from every appearance of the singer in the last 20 years, there would be several hundred on display. 

The evening began with J. Stepanas saying a few words.  A congratulatory telegram was then read, sent by Australian Community President Narušys.  Adelaide Lithuanian Cultural committee president Petkunienė also spoke.   Pranas Pusdešris also spoke of Genė’s talents and read several comments made after several of her performances. 

The record has eleven songs, of which three were recorded live.  The men’s octet Klajunai sang a cheer for their director. 

Genė sang two songs on the evening.

 MP 1969 rugp 19.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

76 men worked 2706 hours

76 vyrai isdirbo 2706 valandas
76 men worked 2706 hours

In the year 1961, men and women donated their time to build Lithuanian House.  They worked 2706 hours, equivalent to 339 work days.  The men were fed by the Women's committee consisting of 18 women.  

Special mention for Architect Karolis Reisonas who never missed a working bee.  He not only organised the group but also worked side by side the other men.   The other special mention goes to V. Petkunas whose directs all his energy into Lithuanian House and motivates others.

Adelaides Lietuviu Zinios 
15.III. 1962