Friday, 25 January 2008

First arrivals

On December 1st, 2007, a celebration was held at Lithuanian House to celebrate 60 years since the first transport of post WWII displaced Lithuanians arrived in SA. The first transport had 840 Balts of which 440 were Lithuanian. There first contact with Australia was the Fremantle port. An article in Musu pastoge (19.12.2007) says that the first days were hard, different climate, people & language. After 60 years they are thankful to the country that gave them a new home. Amongst the first transport that arrived on November 28th 1947 and are still living are Algis Saulius, Adolfas Kildisas, Algis Pranckunas, Irena Spray, Jonas Urbonavicius, Adomas Maciukas, Anicetas Jucius and Juozas Doniela.

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Rasa said...

Gal kas 1947 11 28 is atvykusiu siuo laivu pazinojo Adoma Ivanauska. Buciau dekinga jei parasytumete