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Snowy Mountain records

There are several places to search if you are trying to find information on someone who worked on Snowy Mountain.  A reference in a previous blog entry refers to a list compiled by Ron Cesna.  The Australian Lithuanian Archives has a copy of that list which has been transcribed.  Ron has used his personal knowledge and references from the National Archives to compile a list of over 200 names.  

Some employments lists can be found in the National Archives.  These however only list employees of the Snowy Mountains Hydo-Electric Scheme and not those hired by subcontractors.

The NAA hold
Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority employment records
It is important to note that government employment records are only retained for 75 years after the date of birth of an employee.

Item title Date range Series number
Employee history cards 1949–91 A11395
Personal history files 1949–98 A11394
In addition to those employed by the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority, some people were contractors employed by companies such as Utah, Theiss Brothers, Selmer Engineering and American firm Kaiser-Walsh-Perini-Raymond (Kaiser).  The NAA does not hold the employment records of these contractors.

The records are held in Canberra.  A few have been digitised and can be viewed online.

Series number A11395
Title Employee history cards, alphabetical series
Contents dates 14 Sep 1949 - 15 Jan 1991
Agency/person recording 14 Sep 1949 - 15 Jan 1991
CA 75, Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority, Head Office

These cards contain the following information:
Service No
Surname and given names
Date and place of birth
Date commenced
Date ceased
Marital status
Next of kin
Address of next of kin
Employment details (previous and with SMHEA)
Leave details (recreation, special and sick).

Series number A11394
Title Personal history files, alphabetical series
Contents dates 01 Aug 1949 - 10 Jul 1998

This series was created to maintain information about each employee. The files document such matters as:
personal details, 
correspondence between the individual and SMHEA
medical reports
employment history
leave history summary
rehabilitation reports
redeployment details
OH&S matters
separation details
notifications of transfer 

There are a few easily obtainable books on the Snowy mountains.

COLLIS Brad (1990) Snowy the making of modern Australia, Tabletop publishing

The Snowy : the people behind the power (1989) McHugh, Siobhan; William Heinemann Australian 

Snowfraus : the women of the Snowy Mountains Scheme McGoldrick, Kirsty

You can also try these resources

BRAZAITIS Kristina (2006) Australian Lithuanians and the Snowy Mountain Scheme Lithuanian Papers No.20 2006 p41-46

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