Monday, 28 April 2008

To death us do part

On Saturday April 26th, I celebrated my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary. Ieva (Sakalauskaite) and Martynas Pocius were married in Kaunas in 1943. Martynas was born in Metrikvieciai, Silute region on 31 July 1920. Ieva was born in Piniava in 1923. Eugenijus Arvydas was born on April 27th 1944. After fleeing the Russians they made their way to Germany where they spent several years in Displaced Persons camps in Germany. A daughter Elzbieta Olga was born on 3rd November 1946. Martynas began studies in Engineering which was interrupted by the war. It wasn't until many years later he continued his education at Adelaide University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in 1955.

On arrival in Australia, Ieva was able to continue her passion for art, in particular sculpture. She has become well known in the art world. A statue of Catherine Helen Spence stands in Light Square, unveiled by the Queen in 1986.

Fifty-eight years in Australia and 65 years together, Ieva and Martynas were able to celebrate this day with their two children, two in-laws, three of their four grandchildren and two of their great-grandchildren. Their legacy continues.

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