Monday, 9 June 2008

Lithuanian House (Lietuvių Namai)

An old church property was purchased by the community. The Lithuanian Society’s President Vaclovas Reisonas and Architect Karolis Reisonas began planning renovations. Four rooms were added to the north of the hall and after a few years a vestibule, kitchen, library and toilets were added. In 1966 further renovations took place to enlarge the stage and construct the museum and archives. All that remains of the original church is the roof.

In 1960 a house was also purchased at 10 Eastry Street, Norwood, next door to the church, where a basketball court was built and a shed constructed. In 1972 another house at 16 Gray st (around the corner) was purchased where the rear yard was used for a carpark.

In 1973 Architect Eugenijus Kalibitas was contracted to design a modern bar and club rooms where billiards could be played. A women’s room, office and Lithuanian radio programme studio was also constructed.

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