Thursday, 2 October 2008

Municipal Tramways Trust

While researching one Lithuanian I discovered he had worked as a bus operator. Microfiche of the Municipal Tramways Trust employees 1909 -1974 (SA Record Series No.13)are available fro public use. From this I discovered some new Lithuanians I hadn't a record off and some more information on some I had. The resource provided birth date, year of occupation, position and sometime notes were available.

ABROMAS Jonas b.22.03.1927
1951 Conductor

ANDRUSEVIČIUS Pulgis b. 18.03.1907
1952-1956 Conductor from NSW

ANTANAITIS Robert b.29.09.1927
1951 – 1963 Motorman

BEINORAVIČIUS Juozas b.07.07.1920
1960-1970 Conductor transferred to EW&S department

CERNIAKAUSKAS Steponas Mecislovas Aka Stephen Michael SERNUS
b. 25.02.1922
1966 Conductor

CHRZONSTAUSKAS Anton Aka CONRAD b. 12/11/1911
1957 Conductor

GERULAITIS Leonas b. 22.03.1924
1956-1957 Conductor

GUOBA Jurgis b. 23.01.1918
1960 – 1968 Bus operator
d. 1968

GURSKIS Kazimieras b.10.04.1928
1955-1956 Conductor

GYLYS Juozas (Joseph) b. 20.03.1917
1958-1960 Conductor

KUNČAITIS Frank Kestutis Joseph b. 03.09.1953
1954-1959 Conductor (failed to enter under age)

KUNIUTIS Kazys b.06.01.1924
1954-1959 Bus operator

LAPŠYS Jonas (John) b.26.07.1909
1957-1974 Conductor

MAŽILIANSKAS Romouldas b. 01.09.1926
1957-1959 Conductor

Jonas MOCKŪNAS b.11.02.1917
1951-1971 Bus operator

NACEVIČCIUS Bronius b.10.01.1924
1955-1961 Bus operator

NAVASAITIS Romas b.09.05.1923
1957 Conductor Going to Melbourne

PETRĖNAS Algis Vladas b.05.12.1942
1965-1967 Conductor

PETRAUSKAS Teofilius b.11.03.1920
1954-58 Conductor

PETRUŠKA Algimantas b.16.08.1934
1955-1965 Bus operator

POCIUS Konstantinas b.28.12.1912
1951-1958 Bus operator

RUPINSKAS J b. no date
1953 Motorman promoted

SOLOVKOVAS Leonas b.30041925
1954-1955 Conductor

STEPANAS Juozas b. 26.01.1909
1951-1974 Bus operator

VARNAS Kestutis b.29.09.1926
1954-1955 Conductor

VIZBARAS Jonas b.27.09.1919
1951-1955 Conductor Going to Sydney

ZAMOISKIS Augis Algimantas b.02.04.1944
1964-1965 Conductor

ZARCINAS Algirdas (Alexander) b.17.06.1919
1955-1963 Bus operator


Indrė said...

Hello, what you know about CERNIAKAUSKAS Steponas Mecislovas Aka Stephen Michael SERNUS
b. 25.02.1922
1966 Conducto
? He's my relative! Please let me know more and contact me via email

Danguole S said...

Hello, i am looking for information about my grandfather Liudas Jaronis,which was living in Adelaide.My email