Monday, 15 November 2010

Rosemary Aliukonis

Rosemary was born on the 7 September 1950, in Adelaide. At an early age she showed talent and was encouraged to study art. After completing school at Seacombe High in 1968 she enrolled in the SA School of Art. In 1972 she was awarded a diploma in Fine Art, having gained a distinction in painting. She received the John Christie Wright Memorial Prize for composition which enabled her to study lithography for a year. In 1974 she undertook a scholarship to study at the Hamburg Art College.

Her first solo exhibition was held at the Llewellyn Gallery in North Adelaide in 1974.

Arts practiced
  • Glass
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration/Drawing
  • Multimedia
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Teaching/Tutoring Experience
  • Textile
Print above titled "Medicine shield".

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