Sunday, 6 February 2011

Porteress Recruits Among D.P's

Seventeen married couples whoa re to work for the SA Railways' were among the 80 displaced persons from Europe who reached Adelaide on Saturday by train from Melbourne. They are quartered at the Migration Hostel.

The wives are to be trained as porteresses and the husbands will work in various sections of the railways.

Women comprised about half of the group of 80 persons who arrived on Saturday.
Some of them, going to domestic work in the metropolitan area, wept at pasting temporarily from husbands, who will reside at Gawler or Smithfield camps and undertake factory and other employment.

The Rev. Father P. Jatulis, a Lithuanian, who arrived on Saturday will be attached to the Catholic Presbytery, West Tce, city.

The Advertiser, Monday 11 April 1949, p.10

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