Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Adelaide Lithuanian Museum

I was cleaning the Adelaide Lithuanian Museum last week in preparation for the Lithuanians Alive day, I felt ashamed. Not much in the museum is labeled, things are placed over each other without much thought, stuck on with sticky tape and the contents I didn't mean much to me. I thought a major overhaul is needed.

I then paused and reflected. The museum was established 50 years ago, at a time when Lithuania was occupied and there wasn't a glimmer of hope of anyone returning. The museum was created for the Lithuanians who had fled their homeland, it was a place where they could view their past and be proud of their achievements. The museum also served to teach their children and grandchildren about the rich heritage of their country. Putting this into perspective, I felt better. Yes, times have changed, technology, the cost of travel has brought Lithuania closer to Australians, does the museum need to change to reflect the changing community.
I feel that it can still serve its original purpose, but I would love to reach those of Lithuanian decent who has the desire to learn about their heritage in Australia.

Luckily I think we can do both.

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