Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lithuanian medals

Once again I found myself a long way off from my starting point. While scanning a program from 1968, the 50th anniversary of Lithuania's Independence Day, I came upon a name who was a receiver of an award. So began an Internet search which let me to this site http://www.decorations.lt/ Uz nuopelnius Lietuviai (For merits to Lithuania). Its a list of people who have received Lithuanian awards. Parts can be translated to English. If you go to "Albumas" (Album) you can enter a name. There isn't much detail but photographs are included.

A database is only a good one for me if I can find some connection between Lithuania and South Australia. I entered a few names and an entry was found for Jonas Pyragius (Karo lak┼źnas JONAS PYRAGIUS -savanorio byla Nr. 1113). Jonas arrived in Australia in 1949. A few more clicks on the web took me too www.plienosparnai.lt (Lithuanian Aviation history 1919 - 1940, with a whole entry on Jonas http://www.plienosparnai.lt/page.php?823 Unfortunately there is no English translation, but you could use Google translate. There are over 400 detailed histories (including photographs) on people which you can search alphabetically http://www.plienosparnai.lt/page.php?122

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