Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Australian Lithuanian history book

The book 'Australian Lithuanians' was launched in Adelaide on Sunday 3rd June, 2012.  We were fortunate to have the author, Luda Popenhagen present, who spoke of the experience of writing such a book.  The book was written for second and third generation people of Lithuanian decent.  People who may know a little about their family background and experiences in Australia.  By reading this book people may have a better understanding of their grandparents or great grandparents lives.  It may answer such questions for them, as why was the Lithuanian language important to keep alive, as was culture and traditions.

Luda spent many years on this book, over two gathering information, interviewing people and trolling through archives.  It certainly is no mean feat to write a book about a certain culture over such a large area.  People wishing to see their families names and achievements may be disappointed as this work can't cover the communities history in such detail.  The Lithuanian community in Australia has published two books, that deal with this in much greater detail, although that book is in Lithuanian.  I have spend 2 1/2 years on this blog that just details with the community in Adelaide, and I know I have only touched the surface about South Australian Lithuanian's.

I know I will learn alot about the community I grew up in from reading this book.  All copies that were sent to Adelaide were sold, but more have been requested from interstate.  They sell for $25 from Lithuanian House, maybe your library even has a copy.

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