Sunday, 15 July 2012

Australijos Lietuvis

Balts at Leigh Creek coalfields are producing their own newspaper in Lithuanian.  It is surely the only one of its kind in Australia.

Run by George Glusauskas, the ‘Australijos Lietuvis’ (which means “Lithuania in Australia” comes out once a week.

Its 10 typewritten pages are run off a duplicating machine, and so I’m told are read very thoroughly by all Balt migrants at Leigh Creek and many elsewhere.

My knowledge of Lithuanian is small, but I gather that the paper covers a wide field.  There seems to be plenty of stories about world affairs; “Komunistu antidemonstracija”, one story is headed, and there’s a story about a “Berlyno blokados” and “US sekretorius Mr Marshall”.

And on page 2 there is a poem.

Passing by Mr Pim The News Wednesday November 3rd, 1948

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