Monday, 18 February 2013

How Rukstele sees Australia


Anthony Rūkštelė, a new Australian who has formerly exhibited in several 'mixed' shows in Adelaide, now has a one-man exhibition of his water colours at Curzon Gallery, Gawler place.

It is chiefly interesting as an example of how one European reacts to the' Australian light and scene and his subjects, mostly of places in and round Adelaide and a few in Sydney, make easy one's assessment of Rūkštelė’s first impressions of his adopted country.

He has recorded them with a strictly matter-of-fact approach, as though feeling his way into the new and strange conditions.   Further familiarity with them will no doubt afford enhanced perception and greater facility of expression.  
The most successful of the local subjects are 'Preparing for the Race' and 'Kingston Park Beach.' There are others of King William street, St. Peter's Cathedral, and the City Bridge.  
Several European studies give a truer idea of Rūkštelė talent, as, for example, 'Bavarian Landscape' and a street in Dillingen (uncatalogued).  
The pictures will be on view until March 28. — Esmond George.  

The Advertiser Saturday May 18th 1950    

The Governor viewed the exhibition.

“Refugees’ hangs in the entrance foyer to Lithuanian house in Adelaide.
 The family departed Australia on 3 June 1955 for America, where they remained. 

Antanas married Elena born 29 October 1906 died 20 April 1988 in California.  Elena was a singer and gave numerous performances while in Adelaide.  On one occasion she sang French songs for the Françoise Alliance.

1. Raminta Marija born 18 July 1935 in Kaunas.  Attended St Dominic’s Priory school.
2. Egle born 1 Feb 1939 in Kaunas. Attended St Dominic’s Priory school.
3. Saulius born 26 March 1941

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5 years in a Displaced persons Camp in Dillingen. Thei children Raminta, Egle- who was my friend- and Saulius the youngest lioved next door. We shared the room with a few other families, with just some blankets hung on string to separate us.
Even then Antanas was painting and his space was hung with many of his works, and portraits of his wife. My father was Eduardas Vilnonis, who was a singer.
I have lost touch with Egle and would be delighted to find her again. I live in Tasmania, Australia