Monday, 20 May 2013

Dynamic Frank a new arrival on SA Courts

CIKAUSKAS Pranas  also known as Frank CHICKOWSKI

Dynamic guard Frank Chickowski flew into Adelaide this week from the US eager to play basketball in SA.  Chickowski, 34, formerly one of Detroit University’s top players, does not know which Adelaide district club he will join.  But he will make the decision either tonight after he sees six of our eight teams in action, or on Sunday after he watches the other two.

The front runner in the race is Chickowski’s signature is Centrals Latvians.
Their ethnic link with Lithuanian, Chickowski’s native country could help lure him into the fold.

Chickowski, 6 ft, 2 in hinted that he would prefer to just coach or play, rather than both.
Beside coaching, a successful high school team for twelve years, Chickowski also coached the American Lithuanian All Star side that toured Europe last year.  Australia’s Eddie Palubinskas was a member of that team.

In 1964, Chickowski toured the world with an American Lithuanian team, and played several games in SA.

Chickowski and his wife, both teachers, were brought to Adelaide by the Education Department and intend to stay for at least two years.

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Joe Skimbirauskas said...

Labas Daina, Re Frank Cikowski. I have the book " Krepsinio Isvyka Australijon " of the American/Lithuanian team's tour here in 1964. One of the members of the team was Pranas Cekauskas, born 1940 and played for Detroit " Kovas " team. I think it is the same player you mention but with a different spelling. He scored a total of 446 points on the tour at an average of 19.3 pts per game. I remember him as a smart,quick,brilliant player. Arunas Skimbirauskas