Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A new Lithuanian play in Adelaide

Another submitted news article.

The Lithuanian Theatre Studio in Adelaide directed by Mr J. Guscius will give on the 2nd and 3rd of December, the performance of a Lithuanian play “High castle” (Auk┼ítadvaris) by the Lithuanian writer V. Alantas at the Studio Theatre, Wellington Square, North Adelaide.

Mr J. Guscius was well known in Lithuanian as a full time producer for radio plays in Lithuanian Broadcasting Service.  After the war in Germany he produced several internationally famous plays in Displaced Persons camps.  When he arrived in Adelaide, five years ago, he gathered a few former Lithuanian artist and amateurs and started his Theatre Studio. Every year he produces a few plays, which are very popular amongst the Lithuanians.  A few months ago his Studio tried a play in English which was a considerable success.  But his main purpose is to show the works of famous Lithuanians writers to Lithuanians in Adelaide.

Advertiser 1 Dec 1955

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