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A talented ballet dancer; Regina Plokstis

Regina Plokštytė (Plokstis)

A promising young Lithuanian student of classical ballet at Madam Agnes Babicheva’s school, Miss Regina Plokstyte, is about to leave for London to join Saddler’s Wells ballet school for further ballet studies.

To farewell the young talent a concert has been arranged in which Madam Agnes Babicheva’s ballet school students will present the ballet ‘Asta’, in which Miss Plokstyte will dance the leading part.  The concert will be held at the Freemasons Hall, North Tce, Adelaide, 24th August 1956, commencing at

The concert will be supported by well known Lithuanian singers living in Adelaide, Mesdames A. Guscius, and G. Vasiliauskas. 

Advertiser and News 24 August 1956

A well known Lithuanian expressive dancer, Miss Elena Kepalaite will give an expressive dancing recital at the Freemason’s Hall, North Terrace, Adelaide on Saturday 21st July 1956 at  Miss Kepalaite was born in Vilnius, studied ballet dancing there and later concentrated on expressive dancing.  Miss Kepelaite is now living in Melbourne and has come to Adelaide especially for this recital.  She has also given several recitals in the other capital cities of Australia which were warmly met by the critics.

Advertiser 21 July 1956

Regina was born on 25 February 1939 in Kaunas to Bronius and Antanina.  On July 15th 1958, Regina graduated from the Royal Ballet School in London, Saddlers Well school under Madame Legat and Medame Nordi.  Regina returned to Adelaide where her parents have resided since 1949.

After graduation, Regina followed her dream of dancing.  She was born to dance and did so from a very young age.  Her first performance was in Germany in 1948 after Father Šarkas gathered the children in the Displaced Persons camp and got them to perform for Christmas.  Adelaide was fortunate to watch her performances during various Lithuanian community concerts and festivals. While living in Adelaide growing up she attended the ballet school of Madam Agnes Babicheva.  Madame Babicheva performed with the Latvian state Ballet from 1925 to 1931. 

While studying in London she was part of the Rambert Ballet troupe and Convent Gardens ballet ‘ Fire Bird’ show.

Upon returning to Adelaide, Regina became a dancing instructor.


Jonas Mockunas said...

Elena Kepalaite (21 Jan 1921 Lithuania to 12 December 2006, Santa Monica USA) had danced in the Vilnius Opera Ballet. She lived in Melbourne ?1949 to 1957 but was well known to Adelaide Lithuanians as a performer of modern dance as well as an artist; one of her artworks is held by the Adelaide Lithuanian Museum. Following emigration to Canada and then the USA she continued to be active in the art world including through painting, sculpture and poetry. There is a short article on her in Metrastis Vol 1 p 239.

Daina Pocius said...

Thanks Jonas for that information. I will go in search of her artwork at the Museum.