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Adelaide Lithuanian Theatre Group

I have posted before on the theatre group, but from 1956, this post should go before that one.

Adelaide Theatre group

Lithuanian theatre in Australia began in Adelaide in March 1949 on the initiative of Paulius Rūtenis and Elena Danienė, when they formed a Lithuanian theatre appreciation group. That same year in August the group was strengthened by including Povilas Kanas a theatre director and administrator and decorator Aleksandras Marčiulionis.  The group called themselves “Adelaidės Lietuvių Teatro Mylėtojų Grupė” (Adelaide Lithuanian Theatre Lovers Group).  

The group’s first spectacular was in September 1949, “Pirmas skambutis” (first bell) by Genecke Koolen.  Directed by Rūtenis it attracted about 450 spectators.  

That year the group comprised of Elena Danienė, L. Giniotytė, Sofija Kanienė, Paulius Rūtenis (Director), Vitalius Ancevičius, Henrikas Butvila, Antanas Černius, Algis Gutis, Leonas Karmazinas, Viktoras Ratkevičius, Nikodemas Skidzevičius, Bronius Bakšinskas, Bronius Rainys and Algimantas Petrikas. 

After two further performances of ‘the first bell’ on 2 and 3rd June, 1950, for Lithuanian National Day on 8 September 1950 “Paslaptingoje Zonoje’ (Secret zone) about fight for freedom by Laucius.  Directed by E. Daniene.

25 November 1950 “Sudrūmstaja Ramybėje”( troubled peace) by P. Vačiunas. Director E. Danienė, decorations Marčiulionis.  Attendance 400.  At that time Eddie Taparauskas joined the group.  

1951 January 19 and 20th, the group took the performance of the first bell and troubled peace to Melbourne where over 1000 people watched.

In March 1951 the group approached Juozas Gučius, Lithuanian National radio announcer and director.  At this time the name changed to ‘Lietuviu Teatras Studija’.  Further members joined, Genovaitė  Matulevičienė,  Zita Petkunaitė, Zenonas Kučinskas, Aldefas Trinka, Virginijus Užubalis, Paulius Stimburys and O. Pridotkaite.  

In November 1951, Povilas Kanas finished as theatre administrator, replaced by Leonas Žygas.

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