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He put his hand up; The story of Jonas Valinskas

He put his hand up; The story of Jonas Valinskas
Roy Criddle

Jonas Valinskas a refugee from WWII came to Australia on the first Australian Government sponsored ship, the General Heintzelman in 1947.  He was 19 years old. He fulfilled his two year migration contract with the government then worked his way around Australia and worked on projects such as the Woomera Rocket Range and Rum Jungle Uranium project.  
Jonas settled in 1953 in Western Australia where he eventually worked for West Australian Petroleum Pty (WAPET) for over 30 years.

The book tells of Jonas life, the reasons why he fled Lithuania at the end of WWII, time in the Displaced Persons camps in Germany and arrival in Australia.  His two year contract was spend in South Australia working as a labourer for the Water Supply.  Here the new migrants were housed in tent villages often in parklands near their work.

The book continues Jonas life into retirement and a return journey for Jonas to Lithuania.  
The book is a good insight into what life was like for some post WWII migrants.

Published by Educant, Roy Criddle PO Boc 7061, Safety Bay, WA 6169
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