Friday, 13 February 2015

Early Lithuanians in Australia

I am very excited to announce there is a new blog dealing with the history of Lithuanians in Australia.  This one is looking at those who arrived pre 1947.  Research is undertaken by Jonas Mockunas, now Canberra based who has taken this project on board.

This blog will explore the stories of those Lithuanians and their near neighbours (Jews, Poles and others) who originated in what is now the republic of Lithuania and who arrived in Australia before 1947 (the year when World War II displaced persons from the occupied Baltic States began to arrive in larger numbers). The earlier arrivals were most often subjects of czarist Russia (1795-1917) or citizens of independent Lithuania (1918-1940). Some migrated to Australia intentionally, others came accidentally; some travelled directly, others arrived here from Scotland, the USA or other countries.

Take a look, maybe you have something to share.

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