Sunday, 7 June 2015

Military Academy celebrates 50 years

First President of Lithuanian Antanas Smetona's Military Academy

The Military Academy began to operate on 8 March 1919. Due to the shortage of officers in the emerging Lithuanian army, courses were short lasting only several months. The first graduates of Lithuanian officers were in July 1919. In 1920 the course lasted for one year, then from 1921 it increased to two years. From 1935 it became a three year course.  

Initially the school was in Kaunas then during the Soviet occupation of Lithuania the School moved to Vilnius in September 1940.

50 years after the schools creation, members of the Adelaide Lithuanian Community commemorated the occasion. Graduates of the Lithuanian Military Academy honoured those who died and living graduates. They vowed to continue to battle with all their strength to assist their homeland and fight for its freedom.

Donations were collected that would go towards Lithuania’s fight for independence.

A beautiful hand written and decorated document featuring a Vytis in the background was created for the occasion.

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