Sunday, 9 August 2015

Four days at youth camp

In October 1963, 45 young men and women aged between 14 and 22 gathered at O’Sullivan’s Beach for a camp.  The camp was organised by the Catholic Association.

The camp was an opportunity for Adelaide youth to develop and strengthen their character.  The camp program was organised to include something new and interesting all the time.  There were discussions and debates to broaden ones thoughts.  Sport, games, excursions, singing, the evenings around a camp fire and being so close to the beach, swimming.

The main benefit of the four days was for the youth to feel like real Lithuanians, not just in language but in thought.  One questions raised for thought and discussion was ‘is it worth being a Lithuanian in Australia?’  Discussion was lively and of course got of tract.  There was much discussion over ‘young’ and ‘old’ and how each views the other. 
The write up about the camp for the newspaper was written by a parent at the camp, who was impressed with the maturity of the participants.

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