Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The end of 1962

A special visit was made to Parkside hospital to visit the sick and give Christmas gifts.  On December 17th, the Women’s society gained permission to present a Lithuanian folk concert to the 14 Lithuanians hospitalised as well as the other patients.  The Lithuanian choir sang 8 songs and the dancing group danced six Lithuanian folk dances.

The auditorium had over 200 people from all different nationalities. Two Lithuanians, Stanickiene and Kalibatiene-Vasiliauskiene worked at the hospital and were astonished that this was the first time that patients had been fearless enough to watch.  It may have been the colourful costumes or the care brought by the performers.

Combined Christmas Eve
The community shared much of their lives together, so it was not surprising that 189 people gathered at Lithuanian house to share in a traditional Christmas Eve.  Prepared by the Women’s society the occasion began with a prayer and breaking of the host.  After some Christmas songs, people gathered around the Christmas tree and together decorated the inside of the hall.  Vytas Straukas with his violin accompanied by his sister Giedre on piano played Tylioji naktis.  L. Ruzinskaite recited some Lithuanian poems.

On Boxing Day, the Vytis sports club began the journey to Geelong for the annual Australian Lithuanian Sports festival, from 27 December to January 1.
December 27th, basketball game against Geelong men, table tennis against Hobart.

December 28th women’s volleyball against Melbourne, men against Hobart. Mens basketball against Sydney, the women against Melbourne.  Table tennis, Adelaide men against Geelong and Sydney, the women against Geelong.  Tennis men against Sydney, women vs Geelong. Chess, first round against Geelong.
December 29th Adelaide basketball women vs Hobart, men also. Table tennis, women and men play Melbourne. Tennis played Hobart and Sydney teams, and volleyball against Geelong.

December 30th, Womens’ basketball played Sydney.  Volleyball me vs Sydney and then Geelong.

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