Sunday, 31 August 2008

Iron Knob

Iron Knob is located 68 kilometres southwest of Port Augusta, and 90 kilometres east of Kimba in South Australia. A small town of about 700 people, with only one hotel was the first workplace and home for many Lithuanian DP’s from the first transport to Australia. The first Balts (10 of them) were sent there in February 1948 and later smaller numbers of other nationalities arrived. The refugees were initially housed in tents until suitable accommodation could be found. The work was not hard and it seemed that all grasped their tasks easily, it was just dirty work. The wages were good and overtime is often available. Life however was very monotonous. Dances are organised weekly, and being able to swim in the local pool relieves the boredom.

Australijos Lietuvis (Australian Lithuanian newspaper) 1948

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