Sunday, 7 September 2008

Journey to Australia

Journey to Australia is a hand written diary by Renoldas Cesna of the journey he and his family made from Germany to Australia in 1949. It was written in Bonegilla Australia, at the beginning 4 May 1949

Eighteen year old Renoldas wrote in Lithuanian in an old school exercise book where he attached documents and photographs taken on the journey. In the back of the diary he lists some of the Lithuanian passengers, giving their birth date and place of birth. In all 912 DP’s consisting of Balts, Poles, Yugoslavs, Ukrainians, Jews, Russians, Hungarians, Czechs and Germans were on board.

Its a fascinating acocount of the journey, giving in details things he saw, places he travelled to etc.

It begins
We applied for immigration in Dedelstorf 1948.
We traveled to Fallingbostel on August 10, 1948
We went through commission on the 24th August 1948.
We received notification of migration on 5th December 1948.

We were suppose to travel on the fifteenth transport to Genoa on the boat the Svalbard, which arrived in Sydney in 194_ These migrants went to Bathurst camp. We were unable to travel on the transport due to mum’s illness.

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