Sunday, 4 January 2009

Table Tennis champion

I recently found this write up of Aldona Snarskis in the Railway Institute Magazine August -Sept 1957.

We must congratulate Aldona Snarksis of the Railways Institute on wining the women's open singles championship of South Australia this month. Aldona's win against previously undefeated player this season "Arline Jennings" was a wonderful effort in so mush as Aldona had been out of the game for three seasons. Miss Snarskis had to drop out of table tennis owing to the ill-health ans subsequent death of her mother, and it was most pleasing after such a severe set back to see this very popular player on the top of the ladder of fame. Aldona will take no end of beating in the Australian Women's singles championship to be held at the Australian Table Tennis Championship's in September at the Freemasons Hall North Terrace.
Harold Merritt

Aldona arrived in Australia on 15 January 1949 with her brother and parents aboard the Svalbard.

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Anonymous said...

She arrived with her two brothers Algis and Petras.