Monday, 22 June 2009

More Questions...

Displaced Persons wanting assistance from UNRRA or seeking to emigrate after WWII filled out copious amounts of forms. Below is questions from Memmingen which was translated from English to Lithuanian for DP's to fill out.

UNNRA Team 155
APO 757 Memmingen


Married Single:
Address: DP Index card:
Birth date: Birthplace:

Date on which you left your country:
Date on your arrival in Germany:
Purpose of your arrival:
Where did you work in Germany:
Name of Firm:
Why did you work there:

Did you ever reside in Russia:
If persecuted, attach here copies of papers and details:
If married, give the name of other party:
Do you own any property in Germany:
Did you ever except German citizenship:
If yes, why:
Any proof:

Application for Assistance
Annex A to Administrative Order 29

Family name
Identity No
Religion: R.C, Prot, Jew other
Marital status:
Family Members:
Places where you resided for last 12 years:
Employment for last 12 years:
Languages spoken: Speak, Read, Write
Financial Resources:
Property Cash and income Assistance from relatives
Relatives details:
Have you or any member of your family been receiving assistance from UNRRA; IGC; Voluntary agency:
If you have been receiving assistance, please state the amount:
If you have been receiving assistance from a voluntary agency please give the name of the agency.
Organisation you belonged to and why:
Present address:
Do you wish to return to your country of former residence?
Do you wish to remain in Germany?
Have you any relatives, friends or resources in Germany:
Do you wish to emigrate to some other country? Is so country of first preference.
Do any factors exist which might facilitate your emigration to this country.
What close relatives have you in this country? Give addresses, state relationship and whether any such relative is prepared to help you financially or otherwise.
Other preferences as to resettlement and resources.

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