Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The organised 1960's!

The Lithuanian community in South Australia had by 1960 established numerous groups that brought people together with similar interests and fostered the passing on of Lithuanian traditions and language to the youth.

ALB Women’s committee

Adelaide Lithuanian organisation
Lithuanian Atgimimo sajudis
Ateitininku Sendraugiu Adelaide Skyrius (Catholic Youth)
LKF Adelaides Skyrius (Soccer)
Caritas (Catholic charity)
Vytis (Sports)
Choras ‘Lituania’ (Choir)
Teisininku Draugijos Skyrius (Lawyers Association Chapter)
Svietimo Tarybos Prezidiumas (Education Council Presidium)
Saturday school parents committee
Lietuviu Akademinis Tautinis Sajudis (Academic Lithuanian National Revival)
Mazosios Lietuviu Biciuliu Draugija (Friends of Lithuanian Minor)
Ramove (Returned Soldiers League)
Zilvinas (National Dancing group)

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