Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lithuanian House

M. Urbonas working on the newly purchased property which will
become Lithuanian House.

President V. Raginis, Father J Kungys and J Vasilauskas bless
Lithuanian House 1958.

Volunteers workers, J. Lapsys, S. Povilaitis, A.Merunas, M. Urbonas,
V. Raginis, A. Mikeliunas

Working bee, 1962
From left in wheelbarrow,A Dumcius, kneeling J Gylys, Jg Taunys,
Standing, A. Morkunas, J Norkunas, V Raginis, J Pyragius,
Engineer K Reisonas, K Cieminis, E.Alysaitis, V Laurinaitis,
V. Petkunas, J. Ivoska, Vl. Dumcius, J. Rapsevicius, J. Zakevericius.

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