Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Lithuanian Theatre Studio 1953

The Lithuanian Theatre Studio 1953 (Adelaide)

From left front row: P Kanas, ….A Rukstele (artist), S. Kaniene, B. Rainys, A. Gutis,
G. Matuleviciene, J. Gucius
Second row: L or Z Kucinskas, A. Trinka, ….. Pukelis, V. Uzubalis, B. Baksinskas,
J. Naujalis
Third row: V. Ratkevicius, N. Skidzevicius, L. Kamazinas
First row between B. Rainy and A. Gucius, A. Petrikas

Derek Van Abbe wrote a letter of thanks to Mr Gucius for the opportunity to see the play “School for wives”. He writes “ I am always impressed with the faithfulness with which European dramatic groups keep on the traditions of the “grand style”, this is something which Australians have lost.

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