Thursday, 14 October 2010

Rosum's Universal Robots R.U.R.

Rosum’s Universal Robots R.U.R
by K Capek

Performed in Adelaide 1953

Produced by: J Gucius

Artist: A Marciulionis


Harry Domin, General Manager RUR: V. Ratkevicius

Dr Fabby, Chief Engineer RUR: Z. Kucinksas

Dr Gall Chief physiologist of RUR: B. Rainys

Dr Helman, Chief psychologist of RUR: A Petrikas

J. Berman, Business manager of RUR: A. Gutis

Alquist, that architect of RUR: N. Skidzevicius

Ellen Glory: G. Matulevicius (pictured)

Emma her maidservant: S. Kanas

Marius, a robot: A. Trinka

Radius, a robot: V. Uzubalis

Primus, a robot: L. Karmazinas

A Robot, servant: B. Baksinskas

A Robot: P. Stimburys

Sulla, a robot: Z. Petkunas

Ellen, a robot: S. Kanas

Business Manager: L. Zygas

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