Monday, 29 August 2011

Lithuanian School part II

On 29th June 1954 the school moved to St Cecilia’s in Angas Street where they remained until 1957. At that time they moved to the newly purchased premises at Eastry st, Norwood which was to become the Lithuanian House. The Club house suited the school needs perfectly, the school could use three rooms, two large one small and had access to the hall and stage. Kitchen facilities were soon available which made it easier to prepare food for the students and teachers.

The school term followed Australian school terms, beginning in February and ending with the Christmas breakup in December. The school ran from 10 am till 12pm with a short break. During the break food is served by the Women’s committee. Children would receive a small snack and drink, while the teachers received a cup of tea and sandwiches.

The school was able to organize a children’s library. The library began through the donation of books by Mr and Mrs Velicka and Vildžius. Donations of further books were received from other community members and from Mr Bačiunas in America, President of World Lithuanians at that time.

From 1953 a Parents committee was established whose role was to assist the school, amongst the duties were to find new teachers. They organised literature evenings, lotteries to raise money as they provided each child with a gift at Christmas time.

In 1953 and1954 a summer camp was held for the students, at Aldinga from 15 to 30 January.

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