Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Journey to the Pacific Region

With an occupied Lithuania, the President of the Lithuanian World Community was as close as anyone would get to  Lithuanian royalty.  In 1958, Juozas Bačiunas or Bachunas was elected in this role and in 1958/59 he and his wife journey to Australia. He visited most capital cities and met with many in the Lithuanian community.

They arrived in Adelaide on December 26th and were greeted at the Adelaide airport by members of the Lithuanian community with flowers and girls in traditional costumes. Povilas Lūkošiunas organised the Adelaide leg of their holiday. Lūkošiunas treated the couple to tea where the priest Kungys and other members of the community gathered.

On the 27th they went to Lithuanian house where the house was full. Being a hot day, it was like a sauna inside. President of the community S. Kibiras gave a talk on the community and its organisations. The number of Lithuanian community groups made an impression on Bachunas.

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