Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Lithuanian family is leaving for the USA

Another news article.

A prominent member of the Lithuanian family in Adelaide, Dr of Law Eduardas Jansonas from Kensington Gardens, accompanied by his wife is leaving Australia for the USA to join his son and to undertake a position as lecturer in international law at the College of Law in Philadelphia, USA.

Dr Jansonas, during his six years in Adelaide enjoyed a high reputation among his countrymen and for several years was on the Advisory Committee of the Good Neighbour Council.  As an expert in Lithuanian and German law, he was well known to SA Lawyers.
The members of the Lithuanian community bade him farewell at a social evening held at the ‘Pinguin’[This is the way it was spelt, it may be incorrect] restaurant, Angas st on November the 11th.

The Advertiser 12 Nov 1955

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