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Blessed with a God given talent

Genė Vasiliauskienė yra daininkė iš Dievo malonės.
Stasys Santvaras (Pasaulio Lietuvis 1983)

Well-known singer soloist and longstanding choir mistress in Adelaide.

Genovaite Stanaityte was born in Griškabūdis, Sakiai region in the south western Lithuania, on 6 April 1921.  Genovaitė gained a love of music from her mother, she began singing at a young age.  At 18 years of age she began to study singing at the Kaunas Conservatory under Professor Gedan and V. Grigaitienė.  Later she studied at Vilnius Music school with Professor Kryzanowska.  The events of WWII did not stop her studies, which she continued at Hamburg Conservatory with Professor Berger.  

Upon arrival in Australia Genovaitė enrolled in the Adelaide Conservatory under Professor Howard.  She continued perfecting her voice with private tutelage A. Binkevičiutė – Gučiuvienė.

In Germany she gave numerous concerts in Fensburg, Hamburg, Spackenberg and Ventorf.
Her voice would be heard among the Lithuanian Community in Adelaide at concerts, national memorials, literature evenings, Baltic commemorations, Red Cross concerts, Good Neighbour concerts. 

As a soloist she performed with the Adelaide Lithuanian choir Lituania, at concerts performed in Adelaide, Lobethal, Kadina and Renmark. 

Gene was involved in the 5UV Lithuanian radio program.

In 1969 she succeeded Šimkus as conductor of Lituania.  A position she held until 1982.  She lead the Men’s octet Klajūnai and later organised a girls choir Eglutės.  After resigning from the choir she organised a women’s octet.

In 1964 she was invited to give a Lithuanian recital for the Festival of Arts. In 1965 she released a record.

In 1993, Genovaitė received an Order of Australia for her contribution to Lithuanian community and culture. 

She has sat on the Cultural committee of the National council, Lithuanian Day organiser committee.  

In 1980 she was awarded the Vilnius University 400 Years Jubilee Medal.

One admirer of her talents gave her an anonymous prize.

An unknown music-lover thought so highly of the singing of Mrs. Gene Vasiliauskas in this week's News and Mail Aria finals, that he or she sent along a personal prize of £15/15/.
Mrs. Vasiliauskas. 32, Lithuanian-born, who lives at Semaphore, came to Australia four years ago. She finished equal sixth in the final with 79 point to the 83 awarded the winner, Miss Patricia Beatty.

She is a soprano. Mrs. Vasiliauskas  received the £15/15/ through the post with a letter congratulating her on her fine singing.

Today Mrs. Vasiliauskas said:  'I express my sincere thanks to the unknown person for the surprise of such a personal prize. This kind attention gives me fresh encouragement in my efforts towards musical perfection.'

1 August 1953 The Mail

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