Monday, 5 May 2014

Dorothy Oldham

Dorothy and Gene Vasiliauskas performing in the USA
Dorothy Oldham was born on 23 November 1896 in Adelaide.

Newspapers of the day referred Miss Dorothy Oldham ‘as a brilliant solo pianist and accompanist’.  Adelaide members were very familiar with seeing Miss Dorothy Oldham play the piano at Lithuanian concerts.  She would volunteer her time as pianist accompaniment, and would also represent Lithuanian at other nationality events.  

Dorothy at one time broke her leg and as a result had to call off all her engagements.  She practised with Lithuanian artists and would come to the hall to accompany Lithuanian singers who without her would be unable to fulfil their program.

Miss Oldham received her training at the Elder Conservatory on a scholarship before studying in Europe amongst prominent musicians such as Mark Hombourg pianoforte.  For many years Dorothy was accompanist to singer Elena Gerhardt.  Returning to Adelaide Dorothy regularly performed for the ABC, Elder Conservatory, Musica Viva. Dorothy performed in numerous small and large towns across Australia.

Dorothy was always referred to as Miss Dorothy Oldham, but she was married.  She married Arnold Knapman in 1920.  

Dorothy died in 1982 aged 86 years of age.

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