Sunday, 12 August 2012

The lost archives

I call it the lost archives, it wasn't really lost, just neglected.  I am referring to the St Casmir Church Archives, located in the Lithuanian Catholic Centre at St Peter's.  I can remember going in their once probably 30 years ago, I remember it as small, dark and had lots of stuff.  

In a locked room off the presently used Lithuanian school this room sits, it has had very little activity for many years.  As I have been speaking to community members about the Archives I have been surprised that many have not known it existed, this includes people who were active in the church.

As work has begun in earnest on the Australian Lithuanian Archives it was suggested that this Archive be merged with the others.  With great honour and excitement the keys were transferred to me with open access.  I certainly wasn't disappointed with the rich history and records that have been preserved.

The Archives contains records that relate to the Adelaide Lithuanian Centre, this includes;
  • Administration records of the church
  • Minutes, finances of the Catholic Women's group
  • Records from the Lithuanian church school
  • Personal items relating to the Catholic Priests who lived here
  • Copies of journal, magazines and books
  • Church artifacts

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