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Christianity comes to Lithuania

Lietuvos krikšto vitražas. Vytauto bažynčia Kaune.
Sukaktuvinis Vytauto Didžiojo medalis. Mindaugo krikštas.

This window is titled the Baptism of Lithuania.  It features Vytautas Didysis church in Kaunas, and King Mindaugas’ baptism.

Vytautas "the Great" c. 1350 – October 27, 1430) was one of the most famous rulers of medieval Lithuania. Vytautas was the ruler (1392–1430) of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania which chiefly encompassed the Lithuanians and Ruthenians.

In modern Lithuania, Vytautas is revered as a national hero and was an important figure in the national rebirth in the 19th century. Mindaugas (ca. 1203 – fall 1263) was the first known Grand Duke of Lithuania and the only King of Lithuania.

War ravaged the country at that time.  Duke Mindaugas became concerned about the onslaughts on the battlefield and tried to save Lithuania by diplomacy.  As an initial step, he accepted Christianity in 1251, thereby depriving the Order of their only excuse for further invasion of his country. He hoped that by accepting Christianity, this would stop the Crusaders from enforcing the "true and proper faith" onto the heathen Lithuanians so he and his immediate family became Christians purely for political reasons.

Having been baptized and having established the Church in Lithuania, he was crowned by Pope Innocents IV on July 6, 1253 as the first King of Lithuania. Mindaugas was an exceptional diplomat, statesman and a military genius who built political, economic and cultural bridges to modern Europe. It was during his reign that the country adopted Roman Catholicism.

Created 1972 based on sketches by Pranas Pusdešris.  

This window was paid for by left over funds raised for the Suvalkija window.  It was consecrated by Father Pranas Dauknys in 1972.

A plaque at the base of the window notes the donors.

Šv Kazimiero Parapijos Taryba
A.L Moterų Draugija
Adelaidės Ateitininkai Sendraugiai
Adelaidės Moksleiviai ateininkiai
Šv Kazimiero Savaitgalio Mokykla
Šv Kazimiero Parapijos Choras
Adelaidės Lietuvių Choras Lituania
Adelaidės Akademikų Skautų Sąjunga
L.V.S Ramovė
ALT Akadėminis Sambūris
Adelaidės L.B Apylinkes valdyba
Adelaidės LSK “Vytis”

P Iz Bakšiai
Detail of above window
+ T.A Binkievičiai
J.A Janusaičiai
O.J Karlai
+ A.K Karpys
S. Lelienė
+ L. Matukienė
A.A Morkūnas
+ V. Raginis
Juozapas Rupinskas
J. Storpirštis
+ O.K Storpirščiai
+ S. Šilingas
S.K Valinčiai
Z. B Venčiai
V. Vilčinskas
J. Zelenekas
V.A Vieraitis

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