Monday, 4 February 2013

Suvalkija stained glass window

Suvalkiečių vitražas. Marijampolės bažnyčia. Dievo Tarnas arkiv. J. Matulaitis.
Paiminklas Rainių miškelio kaniniams. Rimšos vargo mokyklą.

Suvalkietis region stained glass.  Marijampole church and J. Matulaitis.

Suvalkija is the smallest of the five cultural regions of Lithuania. Its unofficial capital is Marijampolė.

Jurgis Matulaitis, born 13 April 1871 in the village of Lūginė, near Marijampolė, was a Roman Catholic Bishop of Vilnius from 1918 to 1925 and founder of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On 28 June 1987, Pope John Paul II beatified him as the Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis.

Petras Rimša (November 3, 1881 in Naudžiai, Vilkaviškis district (Suvalkija) – October 2, 1961 in Kaunas) was one of the first professional Lithuanian sculptors and medalists.
Rimša's early works are highly patriotic and realistic. His early work The Lithuanian School (Lietuvos mokykla also Vargo mokykla) depicts a mother teaching her child to read in his native Lithuanian language in between her yarn spinning. This has become a symbol of the Lithuanian resistance to the Lithuanian press ban (1864–1904) and was featured on the 5 litas banknote. It was inspired by his personal childhood education and experiences of his book smuggler brother.

At the bottom is written; Dieve grąžink laisvę kenčiančiai tautai. Suvalkiečiai 1972
God, Free the suffering nation. Suvalkija 1972.

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