Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Scout Balls

On 24th August 1963 the annual scout ball was held.  The theme for that year was “Pušynuose” (In the Pine forest).  Upon entering the hall at Lithuanian House, the aroma from pine trees filled your nose.  Pine branches hang from the ceiling and off the walls. 
The Vyčiai (Rovers) served beer and red and white wine.  The drinks were served from containers on which was written ‘Hospital’ with a red cross.

The band ‘Songailos kapelija’ played waltzes and tangos and even the twist was played for the youth. An assortment of goods made up the raffle for some lucky winners. 

The following year on Saturday 22 August, a more chilling theme was chosen.  From the wooden beams in the hall hung a flying witch on her broom, dressed in black with a large hat.  Bats decorated the walls, a pair of glass owl eyes glared from some pine branches.  Black cats could also been seen.
‘Songailos kapelija’ again played music, and many danced to the waltz, twist and tango.

The tables bent from the weight of food, the hall was crowded, with over 160 people.  The money raised was used for scouts to travel to Melbourne for the national camp at the end of the year.

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