Monday, 29 July 2013

Easter celebrations 1961

On April 9th, 1961 an Easter Egg exhibition was held at St Casimir’s church hall.  The Easter granny  (Velykų Bobutė) was present to give chocolate eggs out to over 100 children.  The program was instigated by A. Stepanienė, who warmly thanked all for coming to the event.
The church stage was decorated in green foliage, with a window of Easter granny house. From here  you could see the children begin their performances, of dancing, poems, games and a pageant.  Mr A Barauskas read the story of the Easter legend.  Keršytė read, M. Staugaitė and M. Blaževičiutė performed a dance.  K. Kuncaitis, V. Bardauskaitė, J. Juciutė and R. Staugaitė beautifully recited from memory an Easter poem.  R. Kubiliutė narrated a long story about the Easter bobutė.  L. Varnas and V. Gudiškis staged Easter egg painting.  N. Vyšniauskaitė and R. Kubiliutė read from works of Antanas Baranauskas, a famous Lithuanian author.  

After another dance the performances continued.  V and F Antanaitytė’s, D. Barauskaitė, R. Jasiūnas and J. Beinoravičiutė recited poems.  The Easter bobutė signalled from her house window and a flock of rabbits to appeared, G. Kubilius, L. Varnas, A. Blaževičius, J, Juciutė, S. Valčiukas and M. Blaževičiute.  They each held baskets filled with Easter eggs.  They greeted the surprised children and danced a rabbit dance.  Following this, the rabbit flock came down from the stage and handed out chocolate eggs with everyone in the hall.  

The event was organised by E. Varnienė, A. Stepanienė, A. Zakienė and K. Pažerienė.  The Catholic Women’s group prepared a supper for the performers and parents who sat and enjoyed the delicious food. 

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