Thursday, 28 November 2013

1966 World Lithuanian Youth camp and congress

Mūsų jėgos mūsų žinios
Laisvai Lietuvai Tėvynei!

Delegates came from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Uruguay, Australia, England, Belgium, Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and America.

The camp ‘Dainava’ was held in Manchester, Michigan, a youth camp where the youth from different parts of the world could meet and get to know each other. 

Each day of the camp was themed;
Sunday 26 June Lithuanian youths freedom in the world.
Monday 27 June Youth and Lithuanian culture
Tuesday 28 June Lithuanian youth in Lithuania and Lithuania today
Wednesday 29 June Lithuanian youth and politics, Lithuanian community

This was followed by the Congress in Chicago from the 30 June – July 2nd.  
Lokys an opera in five scenes, based on the story by Prosper Merimee was performed on 1 July 1966, in Chicago. Music by Darius Lapinskas

A song festival was held on the 3rd July at the International Amphitheatre in Chicago, with over 1200 singers and 1000 singers in the youth choir.
Australian delegates to camp Dainava
Camp Dainava

Next post, Congress participants from Australia.

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