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World Lithuanian Youth Congress 1966

Pasaulio Lietuvi┼│ Jaunimo Kongresas PLJK
World Lithuanian Youth Congress

The first world Lithuanian youth congress was held Chicago, USA from June 30 – July 3, 1966.  Lithuanian Youth from around the world were invited to participate.  Student representative were invited to the organizing committee for the World Lithuanian Congress to be held in 1966 in Chicago, USA.

In 1966 the first Lithuanian World Youth Congress took place in Chicago and at Camp Dainava in Michigan. Young people between the ages of eighteen and thirty from various parts of the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and South America came together for the first time to experience their cultural solidarity.  At that time, singing was an integral part of the program and it occurred naturally and spontaneously throughout the extent of the Congress. It was apparent that the same songs had been learned in different parts of the world, and the singing experience heightened the communal feeling shared by those who participated.  

World Lithuanian Youth Congress ( PLJK ) convened every 3-4 years. It is the highest World Lithuanian Youth Association ( PLJS ) body which sets guidelines for the organization's activities and elect a new board of PLJS.

PLJK involved 120 delegates , who are elected by delegates of the congress PLJK adjustments. Representatives elected Lithuanian Youth Association . Congress is also involved in non- voting guests .

The Congress consists of two parts:
Delegates Congress - the formal part, and a camp.
The PLJS Board will present its report on the activities taken, any amendments to the statute, create the next four years of operational objectives and tasks.
An educational program is organised for the participants and guests.

- To maintain and strengthen the Lithuanian identity and national consciousness the world’s Lithuanian youth
- To inspire young people to become active members of the Lithuanian communities abroad

- Encourage the establishment of mutual relations and strengthen ties with Lithuania

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