Friday, 29 July 2016

Literature Afternoons

First Adelaide Literature evening was held on the 30th May 1954 in the Catholic Cathedral hall in Wakefield Street.

The session were conducted by Pulgis Andriušis, Pranas Pušdešris, Leonas Pakalnis from work that had not been published before.
The first half featured serious reading from B. Brazdžionis poetry.  The second half was a selection of humourist readings.  A  pianist, M. Martinkienė provided some musical interlude.  It was organised by the Lietuvių Mokyklos Tevių Komitetas (Lithuanian School Parents Committee).

After this, weekly literature afternoons were held, organised by the ALB on Sundays after lunch.  It featured readings, discussions and a musical hour.   These were held in St Joseph’s church hall.
Topics included a talk by Antanas Rukštelė on Lithuanian press and the path to independence.  Jonas Lapšys gave a talk on Lithuanian shipping, Stasys Čibiras spoke on leased property acquisition in Australia, Dr Šešokas spoke on consumption and its treatment.  Father Jatulis spoke about the Australian Aborigines.

Monday, 18 July 2016

A blazing flag

Flags afire
Burning a country's flag is seen as a hostile action, displaying disrespect to the country.  It is often at demonstrations that this is done, giving the occasion a dramatic show.

In 1972, Adelaide Lithuanians burnt a Russian flag on the steps of Lithuanian House.  As the flames three feet high engulfed the flag, Lithuanians sang the Lithuanian National Anthem.   The flag burning came at the end of a city demonstration by Lithuanians in tribute to Romas Kalanta who burnt himself to death in Kaunas in opposition to Russian occupation. 
About 600 people packed into 150 cars for the motorcade demonstration through the city streets. Most cars carried banners decrying Russian opposition.

On the steps of Lithuanian House, Zita Bielskis, Rasa Kubilius and Jura Vitkunas poured petrol over the flag while Linas Varnas set fire to it.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Annual Marian Procession

An annual Marian procession is led by Adelaide Archbishop in honour of St. Mary.  Held each May, a procession from Rostrevor College oval of Catholic priests and church members would walk to the Catholic seminary at Rostrevor. 
Lithuanian members would dress in their traditional National costumes, singing hymns and carrying the hand made banner of Mary. The banner when not in use hangs in the St Casimir chapel by the baptistery.