Monday, 16 September 2013

Mother's Day concert 1970

It has become traditional for a Mothers day concert to be held by the Adelaide Lithuanian community.  When there were two schools, there were two concerts.  St Casimir’s school children held a concert after Father Spurgis had given mass. The children all marched into the church hall to pin a flower to their mother as they sat by the tables ready for the concert.

A welcome was given by the school principle K. Pažera, followed by B. Dičiūnas on behalf of the Catholic centre. Lithuanian Catholic Women’s president, Teresė Gasiunienė and A. Kubilius also spoke briefly.

Aušros Vartu Marijos (The gates of dawn holy Mary) and live flowers decorated the stage. Poems were recited by Vincas Bagušauskas, Viktoras Dunda, Kristina Stankevičiutė, Andrius Vitkunas, Brigita Paul, Edis Jucius, and Aidas Kubilius.  Regina Pranskūnaitė, Sietynas Kubilius, Petras Urnevičius and Saulius Kubilius recited more poems.  In between the children’s choir sang, and teacher, R. Kubiliutė sang a song about mothers.  Regina Pranskunaitė and Ramunė Varnaitė played the piano.  Also present were senior Catholic Youth, Linas Kubilius who read part of Vaižgantis writings and Gintaras Kubilius read Father Krasauskas thoughts about mothers. 

Juozas Tumas, also known by the pen name Vaižgantas (September 20, 1869 - April 29, 1933), was a prominent Lithuanian writer, Roman Catholic priest, social activist, literary historian, and one of the founders of the Party of National Progress. He wrote novels, short fictional pieces, and non-fiction. His most notable works include the novel Pragiedruliai (Rays of Hope) and the narrative Dėdės ir dėdiėnes (Uncles and Aunts). Tumas is considered one of the most important Lithuanian writers of his era.

A mother’s day concert was also held at Lithuanian House on the same day.

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